MailDirect Partner Program

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How We Work

We understand the importance each detail plays in the overall outcome and success of every direct mail program we develop. The following illustrates the process and direction we take when working with new clients:

Learn about the client’s business and ask the right questions to develop a customer profile to best determine primary and secondary customer targets.

Determine client budgets to develop scope of mail campaign, i.e., size of target audience (Reach), and number of mailings (Frequency) and actual mail piece.

Secure the best, up to date mailing list based on demographic & geographic factors.

Develop creative “the message” with powerful headlines and supporting copy that gets attention and showcases clients best through offers and general company information.

Create mailing strategy, based on budget, to determine frequency and timing of mailing program to insure client maintains top of mind awareness in the marketplace.

“It’s like having your own marketing and advertising specialist on staff”.

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